The authoritative Gift Guide for the Photographer in your life 


Let’s face it you probably know one. A photographer that is. Your niece in highschool who’s just discovered that cameras are a miraculous invention that lets her translate those creative ideas into a tangible format. Or maybe it’s your significant other who’s been into photography for years and collected mountains of gear and left you with nothing to buy them.

Well this guide is for you! These are all things your photographer has secretly lusted after and just hasn’t bought yet. So why not get it for them and make their face light up like a studio strobe!

1.Pinhole Pro by Thingyfy – $69 (and up) CAD

A small design firm based out of Toronto, Thingyfy brings the heat with this all-aluminum meticulously designed pinhole lens for all DSLR and Micro 4/3 mounts!

The real cool factor lies in the fact that you can swap apertures for the Pinhole Pro by simply turning the bezel like you’d turn a focus ring on any other lens!

2. Slide Pro strap by Peak Design – $64.95 USD

An incredibly versatile camera strap made by an impossibly cool design firm that brought the world the incredibly innovative Capture Clip system for camera retention!

3. Platypod Camera Base – $99 (and up)

A really cool little base on which you can balance your camera for those low perspective shots or just a super compact way to stabilize your camera on nearly any surface!

4. TREK Slider by Dyno Equipment – $225 (and up)

Get an incredibly stable slider system for your GoPro, Smartphone, or other small camera! This modular and fully customizable slider system goes where you go and deploys in a literal snap!

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