Witchy Woman


So I’ve been working with a new model lately, setting her up with a new nude portfolio so we’re going for breadth AND depth with different styles and looks. The other day we hit upon the idea of shooting on treasure island in the abandoned and graffiti’d spots on the island.

It turns out that Treasure Island is AWESOME for shooting nudes AND Lindsay is just an absolute pleasure to work with. She hits poses like she’s been doing it for years, she knows the looks I’m talking about when I say “do this with your face” or “do that one thing that looked cool.”

Lindsay -8

This one was *hashtag* for instagram #censored #freethenippleLindsay -1

For this one I saw this sharp shadow on the ground and new something had to be done with it so I had her stand directly over the line and let it bisect both her and the image as a whole and I loved the results!Lindsay -6

Did this one not seeing it in black and white like sometimes happens inside my head when I’m composing an image, but once I got it into Lightroom I knew it could only exist in monochrome. The wind blowing her hair all over the place and her forlorn expression combined with the sort of wasteland/forgotten area in the background came together in what I feel like is a really solid editorial headshot. Lindsay -3

#tfw you’re on a boat in the middle of an islandLindsay -2

You know when someone says “give me a smolder?” well this is it. This is the benchmark for all future smolders. Lindsay -4

Thanks for looking! I appreciate you all and I can’t wait to be posting more delicious content for your head-orbs to gaze upon!

Be well and remember you’re all beautiful and you deserve to know it!


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