The Witching Hour 


For those of you who know me or have seen almost any of my photography, you probably know that one thing I absolutely love to do is MacGyver a lighting solution. 

Does my Canon 5Dmk3 have exceptional low light performance? Yes 

Does a scene become more epic if it’s lit using only cell phone flashlights? Most definitely. 

That’s right, aside from the ambient sodium vapor park lights the only lighting I used on this shoot was cell phone flashlights! 

I really like this one because of the color contrast in her face and hair and how that really amps up the emotion in the image. 

All that being said, it’s no match for having some sick Broncolor or Profoto strobes but the fact that you can carry a powerful lighting tool in your pocket is something I find really cool.

What are some cool or innovative photographic techniques you’ve used on location or on set? 

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