Eye of the Tiger



So the other day my buddy John messaged me about possibly making some promotional photos for his upcoming title fight. I of course agreed happily since dramatic and contrasty action shots and portraits are some of my favorite things to photograph.

The day of the shoot arrives and I get there and realize the gym is full of people training. What did I expect? An empty gym after hours (8pm) where I could set up my strobes and do an almost studio-style shoot in this gym. But it’s full of people, and not wanting to look foolish, I quickly improvised and made use of a couple speedlites, a very helpful girlfriend-turned-assistant, and some actually really impressive ambient lighting.

All told I felt like I made some really solid photos and John was beyond stoked when I delivered the images. AND I got more practice in reacting quickly to changing situations and relying on my training and experience to end up with a very happy client.

HUGE shoutout to CSA Gym in Dublin, CA; Desiree, John’s girlfriend; and Yongnuo for making affordably priced speedlites that are comparable, if not superior to Canon products.



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