I Probably Shouldn’t Joke About the Donner Party…

…But here I go anyway.




So a couple of weeks ago I set out to shoot some fine art snowy nude portraits with my model, Kay (@KayMorgana) up at Boca reservoir in Truckee. I have an all wheel drive Subaru that’s so far never let me down when I’m off the beaten path, so I thought we would venture off the main road and down a bumpy dirt road covered in snow to a more remote location for the sake of Kay’s privacy. That all sounded great in my head, and in execution we made it just fine to a spot about half a mile in from the main road with plenty of trees around so the passersby wouldn’t wreck their cars craning to see a naked woman in the snow.


We shoot for a little bit, but the concept I’d planned out included lit candles but the wind had other plans and we ended up only getting a handful of final images.


Fine, cool, it happens. Not EVERY shoot like this works out perfectly, I’m not mad at it.


But as we’re backing out to go home, the snow decides it’s not done with us just yet and through all my careful 4-wheelin’ we end up sliding into a shallow ditch from which we CANNOT get the fuck out. Literally tried everything. I cut armfuls of pine branches and stuffed them under the tires for added traction, I tried pulling from behind, I tried pushing from the front. Nothing was working.

Shit. We’re really goddamn stuck at this point and the light is leaving, FAST.


Oh, did I mention, I’m an idiot and forgot my snow boots so I’m in soaking wet Vans with no socks on so the concern about frostbite is a very real concern at this point.




Ok, we’re now in a “survival situation” and I’m woefully ill-prepared compared to my usual over-preparedness.


We walk through the snow back to the main road and try to call AAA and my phone fucking dies. So we get on Kay’s phone and call and the call drops. We call again, get about halfway through where we are with the dispatcher and it drops again.




FINALLY, we get the info to the dispatcher, they say it’ll be 2 or 3 hours but if we need emergency aid to call 911.


At this point, I’ve lost feeling in my feet about half an hour ago and I just have two painful flippers on the ends of my legs so I’m lightweight scared for my feet so we call ANYONE in our phones who have a 4 wheel drive and lives in Reno. No one answers. All this time we’re waiting at the road because we don’t want to miss someone driving by with a big truck who could help us. But the cold overcomes us and we hike back to the car to warm up.


At long last, the time arrives for the AAA driver to be near us so we hike back through frozen puddles, foot deep snow, and coyote tracks back to the road to wait again. Guy shows up in a lifted Chevy Avalanche (I def chuckled at that irony) with huge offroad tires. He pulls us the fuck out of the ditch and back to the road and we couldn’t be more grateful to him for saving our lives.


We drive back to Gold Ranch where Kay parked her car and we head home, having survived a (slightly) harrowing experience in the very same mountains the Donner party cannibalized themselves in and I felt a slight kinship to their plight.


Sucks that they didn’t have AAA.


Anyway, enjoy some n00dz from this shoot 👇👇👇

Donner Party 1


Donner Party 2


Donner Party 3


Donner Party 4


Wedding in the Pines


I love these two 😍

Jake and Amanda’s wedding in Tahoe was absolutely gorgeous and the fact that they had an intimate and personalized ceremony was adorable as can be!


And there were wedding puppers! You can’t beat that. Especially when you’re me and doggos are life.


And how beautiful was Amanda!


Obviously had to get some glamour shots of the groom-to-be


The first look was so adorable. Jake was so nervous the entire day and it was so cute when Amanda calmed him down after the first look 😍


This dingus broke the railing with some aggressive creeping 😂


I’m going to wear out the heart-eyes emoji…


Some pre-ceremony hugs all around







Khaleesi: A Nevada Story

Did you know that Nevada is home to Game of Throne’s most badass mother? The mother….



Not really, but Dainnee is a damn good Emilia Clarke look-a-like and this was a very fun #cosplay shoot! Too bad we only got to shoot for like literally 10 minutes.

This was a short blog post for a short shoot.  Look forward to more from Dainnee, as we have plans to overthrow some rival kingdoms. Or something. I’m not really sure what Game of Thrones is even about so…


That time we set off to shoot in a lake but then we didn’t

What a beautiful day spent out in the Truckee mountains!

Initially the plan was to shoot Graysin in the water, doing some high-contrast and high-key images. However, the reservoir we were going to shoot at was super crowded and wasn’t going to be conducive to the style of photos we wanted to shoot.

We drove around for a while and found some really nice wooded areas with beautiful light, so we decided to make the best of the situation and pivot into doing something a little different!

In the end, I feel like we made some killer outdoor boudoir images that will look amazing printed and hanging on a wall!

Prints for Purchase

Neon Moon

Had the pleasure of shooting with my good buddy Levi the other night at the Atlantis Casino here in Reno. We were going for a very artificial, neon style vibe for these portraits and I think we got some great shots that were very much on-theme!

We have some other shoots planned for the future so keep checking back in for more from this v attractive dude!

Click through for the high-res images!

Model: Levi (@H3llaSl00tz)
Shirt: Shiny Bound (@_ShinyBound)
Location: Atlantis Casino Resort (@AtlantisCasino)
Photographer: Jonathan Kreidler (@JBK_Imaging)


Broken Clothing

Had the opportunity to shoot some promotional material for an amazing local clothing brand, AreYouBroken.net

They have some really great gear and it’s a local Reno business so go check them out and pick up some new shirts, hats, and stickers!

Model: Michael Alexander
Shirt and Hat: Broken Clothing
Car: Subaru USA


Witches of the Desert

Have you seen the movie, “The Witch”?

Me too, and it’s my favorite movie ever. No, really.

If you haven’t seen it, go. do. now.

Anyway, the last scene of the movie, without revealing too much, involves a coven of witches chanting around a fire and rising up into the air! Being a photographer with a penchant for horror type things meant that I NEEDED to make photos that were inspired by that amazing climactic scene!

We chose to shoot this at one of my favorite locations out here in Nevada, Moon Rocks, out near Pyramid Lake. I love Moon Rocks as a location, it has so much potential and is so huge you really can’t go wrong!

Enjoy the photos!

UPDATE: The full-size images are available for viewing and purchase here